GC Myers Show Ends Friday!

August 26, 2014

West End Promo  2014

The Richness of the Moment

August 21, 2014

GC Myers- The Richness of the Moment smThere is just over a week left in the GC Myers exhibit, Layers,  now hanging here at the West End Gallery until August 29th.  It has been a great show but there are still many stellar pieces left, including the one above, The Richness of the Moment,  which is  20″ by 24″ on canvas.  Here is what the artist  recently had to say about this painting on his blog:


Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.
- Saint Augustine
This new painting, a 20″ by 24″ canvas,  is titled The Richness of the Moment .  It was one of the last of the paintings finished for the Layers show which opens tonight at the West End Gallery.   I saw the show hanging together for the first time yesterday and this piece hangs in a group of paintings along the back wall of the space that glows like a bank of  backlit stained glass windows.  There is a luminosity and richness to these pieces that fills that space with warmth.   This work has just the effect as I had hoped it might have when I was looking at it in the studio.
I think this painting has a richness in it just as its title implies but it is the type of richness that Saint Augustine might have been  referring to in the passage above.  We often search wide and far for new wonders but don’t see the rich tapestry that is right before us in our own lives.  There is wonderment to be found in almost everything we see or touch– it is only its constant presence that has made it seem ordinary and unremarkable to us.  But if we pause to take in the world that within our reach at that moment with a greater awareness and appreciation, the richness becomes apparent.  Each life has the potential for wonder and each moment that may seem ordinary has an element of the sacred within it.
This painting, at least in my eyes, embodies this thought.  It is simply composed and stated– its subject is absolutely unremarkable at first blush.  But the colors and the juxtaposition of forms and tones that make this piece take on that feeling of the wonder in the surrounding richness to which I referred.
The Sacred Ordinary.
I hope you can make it in to the West End Gallery at some point over the course of the next month– the exhibit hangs until August 29th– to judge this for yourself. 

New Work!

August 16, 2014
Night Karma- GC Myers

Night Karma- GC Myers

The GC Myers show, Layers, which hangs here at the West End Gallery until August 29th, has been a wonderful show thus far.  We have shipped many of the paintings and have asked Gary for a few more paintings to fill in the gaps created by those that have left for new homes.  He went through his personal collection in the studio and came up with a selection of works from a few different periods in his career.

There is a group from around 2002 that is darker and deeply colored, very introspective.  It is from a series that he calls his Dark Work, paintings that reflected the emotional tone of the period right after 9/11.  He feels that in the years since the work has taken on new meaning, separate from that time.

We are really pleased to be able to show this work along with the rest of this great show.  So, if you haven’t made the trip into the West End Gallery or if you have already seen this show, there is something new for you to see here.

Only two more weeks!

GC Myers- Night Vibrations

GC Myers- Night Vibrations

GC Myers- Soft Dream of Night

GC Myers- Soft Dream of Night

GC Myers- In the Golden Light

GC Myers- In the Golden Light

GC Myers- Peaceful Tidings

GC Myers- Peaceful Tidings

Thank You!

August 12, 2014
GC Myers, West End Gallery Talk 2014

GC Myers, West End Gallery Talk 2014

We would like to extend a great big Thank You!! to everyone who turned out this past Saturday at the West End Gallery for the Gallery Talk given by artist GC Myers.  It was such a beautiful day that we were honored that you took the time to spend an enjoyable hour with us.

It was a wonderful talk with a great turnout  with a mixture of old and new faces.  Most of all,  we were pleased to see so many people leaving the gallery with smiles on those faces.  Congratulations to the winners of the drawings– we hope you’ll enjoy your prizes.

The show, Layers, hangs until August 29th.  Though many pieces have left the gallery to begin new lives with their new owners, there is still a great selection of paintings form GC Myers available as well as new artwork from our other wonderful artists.  We hope you can find time to stop in and take in this beautiful show.


August 9, 2014
GC Myers- Silent Passage

GC Myers- Silent Passage

Today is the Gallery Talk with GC Myers.  The event starts at 1 PM here at the West End Gallery and concludes with a drawing where an original painting of his will be given away to one lucky person in attendance.  The painting he has selected from his studio is shown here on the left and is titled Silent Passage, a 9″ by 29″ image with framed dimensions of 18″ by 38″.  It has a value of  approximately $1600-1800.  It is a real prize!

Here’s how Gary described making this choice  and what meaning  this painting holds for him in his blog today:

Well, I give a Gallery Talk this afternoon, starting at 1 PM  at the West End Gallery in Corning in support of my show, Layers, which hangs there for another few weeks.  One of the attractions for this talk is a drawing that will be held among the attendees for a painting of mine. The process of deciding what that painting will be resembles a dance, going back and forth between selections.

I have been spending the last few days looking at some of the pieces that I have here in the studio, trying to find one that is right for this event.  I have given away paintings before at these talks and it has always been important to me that the pieces have some significance for me.  I don’t want to simply pick out an old piece that I now recognize as having weaknesses.  I have a few of those from many  years ago that still take up space here.  It would be easy to grab one of those and be done with the whole selection process.

But that would be like handing out discards and that doesn’t seem like the right thing to do when the whole concept  behind the drawing is to display the appreciation I have for those who have followed and supported my work through the years.  If the folks take time on a summer weekend  afternoon to come to the gallery to participate in a Gallery Talk then they deserve a piece that is real and alive, something meaningful and of value to me.

So, after going back and forth, I settled on this painting from a number of years ago.  It is titled Silent Passage and has long been a favorite of mine.  It is a real painting  with an image of  9″ wide by 29″ high on paper.  Its framed dimensions come in at 18″ by 38″, so it has presence in its size and its value.  But more important to than the size or monetary value of  this painting is the meaning of this work for myself.  It encapsulates much of what I have tried to put across for these years.

A study in quiet and movement.  Color and texture.  Light and dark.  Now and eternity.

I hope whoever takes this home this afternoon will understand the meaning it holds for me and will see it for themselves.

The Gallery Talk starts at 1 PM.  Hope you can make it there.

Reminder! Saturday’s Your Chance To Win

August 7, 2014

GC Myers Gallery Talk Notice

Glimpse and Aspiration

August 6, 2014
The painting below, Glimpse and Aspiration, is one of the centerposts of the GC Myers exhibit, Layers,  now hanging here at the West End Gallery.  It is a strong piece in a strong show.   Here is what Gary had to say about this painting in his blog, RedTreeTimes, in the weeks before this show:


To have his path made clear for him is the aspiration of every human being in our beclouded and tempestuous existence.
–Joseph Conrad
GC Myers- Glimpse and Aspiration sm

GC Myers- Glimpse and Aspiration

In the next week or so I will be featuring several of the new pieces that will be part of my show, Layers, which opens next Friday, July 25th,  at the West End Gallery.  This painting is titled Glimpse and Aspiration and is 24″ by 48″ on birch panel.  It has been a favorite from the moment that it began to take on its own life, midway through the time I was painting it.  Its size gives it a weightiness that fits well with the mood and  glow of the painting.  I find myself looking at it quite often in the studio with a great deal of internal satisfaction at the completeness of it.  It just does something for me.
I see the Red Tree here as a symbol of the aspiration for  a life of purpose and meaning, the desire for one’s own place in the world.  It is not always a clearly defined objective, as Conrad points out in the quote at the top.  Our life’s path winds through other places and lives but once in a great while there is clarity and we fleetingly see that thing which we believe to be our purpose.  Our aspiration.  Just glimpsing it and having it take a tangible form in our mind is fortifying, making our footsteps lighter and our path even more defined.
It is something  which we can hold in our minds to guide and inspire us on the path ahead.
There’s something in this idea  that fills this piece,  making it a very comforting piece for myself.  I am going to very much  miss this painting in my studio when it has went out on its own.  But it has done what it must for me and is destined to hopefully do the same for someone else.
Sending it out into the world is simply part of my purpose, my aspiration.  At least that is how it appeared to me in my brief glimpse.


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