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November 12, 2013

West End Commission Notice 200

Thomas Buechner Show Opens Thursday!

October 16, 2013
Thomas Buechner- The Last Caboose

Thomas Buechner- The Last Caboose

We here at the West End Gallery are proud to announce the opening of our annual exhibit of paintings from the late Thomas Buechner.  This year’s exhibit opens Thursday, October 17 with a reception that runs from 5-7:30 at our Market Street  gallery in beautiful downtown Corning.  The reception is sponsored by Leigh Ann  Evans Interior Design and will feature the music of  guitarist William Groome.

We are pleased that we are able to continue to show the work of this well known artist and this year’s show has some real surprises, including several pieces that show Tom’s sense of humor.  It is, as always, a beautiful show and we hope that you will join us at the gallery.  To preview the show, please click here.

Thomas Buechner- Winter View of CCC

Thomas Buechner- Winter View of CCC

Thomas Buechner- Lust
Thomas Buechner- Lust

Thomas Buechner- Monkey Mother

Thomas Buechner- Monkey Mother

Thomas Buechner- Tom (Doll) and Brushes

Thomas Buechner- Tom (Doll) and Brushes


Gallery Talk with Bridget and Brian Saturday!

September 13, 2013

Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo– Wonder

Just a quick reminder that there is a Gallery Talk here at the West End Gallery this Saturday, September 14, running from 1-2 PM featuring the headlining artists from our current exhibition, Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler.   It’s a perfect opportunity to meet the artists and discover a bit more about the  techniques and inspirations behind their work plus it gives you an opportunity to take in this wonderful exhibit once more.

Remember, Saturday at 1 PM at the West End Gallery.  Hope you can make it– we’d love to see you!

Brian Keeler- Inlet Nocturne Ithaca

Brian Keeler- Inlet Nocturne Ithaca

Tonight! Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler!

September 6, 2013

Tonight is the opening of our show of new work from artists Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler here at the West End Gallery.  The show begins with an opening reception with the artists beginning at 5 and running until 7:30 PM.  We thought we would share  below the artists’ thoughts on their work for this show along with some of their beautiful work.  We hope you can make it to the gallery for this exceptional exhibition.


Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo- Night Garden

Looking at my paintings I hope you will feel more connected to nature. To really see nature’s beauty, details and design. These past few years I have been working with gold leaf and silver leaf. These materials create a different kind of space for the plants or flowers to exist in, making them iconic images. The gold and silver highlight my subject’s silhouettes and the spaces in between. In my paintings I represent nature accurately, but also from my own viewpoint and with my own impression. I usually start a painting observing from life, with the subject in front of me. I prefer to work from life for as long as possible in an effort to capture the truth of my subjects. I use oil paints in thin transparent layers; this technique allows light to pass through and bounce off different layers of paint creating a luminous glow. The light and dark colors in the paintings change with the reflective metal leaf; and they continue to change depending on the light source and time of day. I hope that after looking at my paintings you will have a deeper love and appreciation of nature.

— Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo


Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo- Magnolia Opening


Brian Keeler

Brian Keeler- Autumnal Sky Sheshequin PA

Brian Keeler- Autumnal Sky Sheshequin PA

The portrayal of light as seen directly on the topography of the Finger Lakes area and Northern Pennsylvania landscape is the unifying theme of this group of paintings.  Many of them are plein aire works, which means that they were composed and painted on location with completions made in the studio. The paintings of Corot, or more precisely his approach rather than style have often served as an inspiration, as he was the “proto-impressionist” meaning that he was one of the first to take an easel outside to paint.   As I often do the out-of-doors painting late in the day

because of my attraction to the heightened drama of raking light, a number of these works show the sun glinting on the lakes or glowing through trees etc.  Others in the show are entirely painted in the studio but certainly based on impressions and studies from the motif.  The play of light as it describes the form and character of the land or figure and brings out various qualities has long been of interest to me and this show continues with that exploration. There are several nocturnes presented here, which show the softer, cooler and perhaps more poetic light of night along with the accents of house lights.


Brian Keeler- Wyalusing Winter Nocturne

New Show Friday!

September 4, 2013
Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo- Magnolia Family

Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo- Magnolia Family

The West End Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of new work from two of our most talented and accomplished artists, Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler,  will open this Friday, September 6  with a reception for the artists beginning at 5 PM and running to 7:30 PM.  The reception is open to the public and will feature music from Michele Gordon and Dennis Winge as well as a variety of refreshments for your enjoyment.  The reception is kindly sponsored by a good friend of the gallery, Christopher G. Quinlan, Attorney at Law.  The show will run until October 11, 2013.  There is also a Gallery Talk with both artists scheduled for the following Saturday, September 14.

Brian Keeler- Luminous Landscape

Brian Keeler- Luminous Landscape

This exhibit is a beautiful show, featuring the upclose florals and botanicals of  Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo, who is very adept with the use of gold and silver leaf in her work, which provides a sparkling counterpoint to the natural beauty and strength of the floral cuttings she paints.  Brian Keeler unveils a new group of his stunning, color-infused landscapes that portray scenes from the Finger Lakes, Northern Pennsylvania and Maine.  The work from both artists have a luminous glow that fills the gallery with light.  You really need to see this show!

Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo-- Breaking Spring

Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo– Breaking Spring

Brian Keeler- Cayuga Moon, Sheldrake Point NY

Brian Keeler- Cayuga Moon, Sheldrake Point NY


Aleta Wynn Yarrow, Artist-In-Residence

August 23, 2013
Aleta Wynn Yarrow-2013-14 CAC Cover

Aleta Wynn Yarrow-CAC Cover 2013

Aleta Wynn Yarrow has long been part of the West End Gallery family, exhibiting her colorful, serene work here for 28 years.  Among the other artists, she is thought of as an artist’s artist, which is to say someone whose work is a direct reflection of who they really are, springing honestly from a rich well within.  Aleta has devoted much of her life to teaching others how to tap into their own wells within .  We are very pleased to announce that Aleta Wynn Yarrow has recently been named the Artist-In-Residence at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport, PA.  Her painting shown here on the left is the cover for the program’s brochure.  At the bottom of this post is another new painting, Reaching Equilibrium, a beautiful 30″ by 40″ canvas.

Here is the description of her work from the brochure:

Wynn Yarrow is the artist-in-resident at the Community Arts Center, Williamsport, PA for the 2013-14 program season.  She painted the design for the year’s program brochure, and her work will be exhibited in the 2200 seat theater from August 2013 through May 2014.  This is the 20th gala season of the historic vaudeville theater’s renovation and reopening.

Yarrow’s work was chosen for its high color and exuberant feeling.  Known for her miniatures, Yarrow expanded into bolder work this season, working on images three foot square.

A renewal of interest in Mathematics led Yarrow to synthesize mathematical, visual, natural and spiritual systems in her work.  Recent concerns are symmetry and symmetry breaking; the relationship between order, randomness and chaos; and the dichotomy between perception and reality.  

“Everything is always changing.  Nothing truly exists as it appears.  As humans, we simultaneously seek change and desire stability.  That is the paradox.”

Yarrow’s work is in the collection of Volgograd University, Volgograd, Russia. It has been exhibited in ten other colleges and universities, most recently at Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY.  The solo retrospective exhibit Unfolding: landscapes as metaphors for the inner life examined the artist’s spiritual journey through four floors of art.

Yarrow’s work has been exhibited at eight museums and cultural centers, including in the annual celebration of dark skies program, Night Visions, at the Coconino Cultural Center, Flagstaff, Arizona.  Her work was chosen for inclusion in Representing Representation at the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY.

Yarrow is an adjunct faculty member of Penn College’s Graphic Design Department.  She teaches drawing and color theory.   She is the ongoing artist-in-resident at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, Corning, NY.  Wynn Yarrow has been represented by West End Gallery for 28 years.

This project is made possible, in part, with funding from The Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes’ QuickARTS program, administered by the ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Aleta Wynn Yarrow- Reaching Equilibrium

Aleta Wynn Yarrow- Reaching Equilibrium


Tomorrow: GC Myers Talk and Your Chance to Win!

July 31, 2013
GC Myers-  In the Sway

GC Myers- In the Sway

Just a reminder that the West End Gallery will be hosting a Gallery Talk with artist GC Myers tomorrow, Thursday, August 1, beginning at noon and running until around 1 PM.  Gary’s talks at the gallery are usually a lively conversation with the audience and will include a variety of subjects including his current show here at the gallery, Islander.  PLUS-- this year’s talk will give all those in attendance a chance to win an original painting by the artist!!

 So, make your plans to be here at the West End gallery tomorrow and enter your name for your chance to be the winner who takes home a real piece of art.  We’ll save you a seat!


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