Little Gems from Marty Poole

We just received some new pieces for our upcoming Little Gems show, which opens next Friday.  It’s a beautiful group of small work from Marty Poole, one of the gallery’s most talented and popular artists for many years now.  We’re excited because Marty does not often work in such small sizes and this is a rare opportunity for savvy collectors.

Marty Poole, for those of you not familiar with his work, shows his wonderful oil paintings  in numerous galleries throughout the country and has a national and international following for his work.  We have been fortunate over the years to be able, as his hometown gallery, to show pieces, such as these Little Gems, that other galleries may not ever see.

His work is constantly moving forward and has evolved over the years into beautiful explorations of color and paint-handling.  These small pieces are great examples of the style and technique that typifies Marty Poole’s evocative work.  There are several figurative paintings, such as these three pieces shown here which are 6″ by 8″ in size and several still-lifes in similar sizes.

For more information on these Little Gems from Marty Poole or any of our other talented artists, please contact the West End Gallery at (607)-936-2011 or email us at .  We’re anticipating great interest in these pieces, so don’t hesitate in giving us a call.

The Little Gems show opens Friday, February 5, with an opening with most of our gallery artists that runs from 5- 7:30 PM.   It is sponsored by JoAnn Bonady and her son, Joseph P. Bonady and will feature the music of flute trio A.m.A. It is open to the public and is always a great time.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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