Parnilla Carpenter: At Cornell Plantations

Parnilla Carpenter, Around The Bend
Colored Pencil, 3” x 4 ½”
Matted & framed to 5” x 7”

The other day, my partner Mark asked how I felt about the phrase ‘comfort art’.  Was that okay?  Was I offended?  Yes, I said.  No, I said.  It’s a compliment. There’s too much dark and brooding in the world. Why not try to contribute a little comfort.

Around The Bend and Garden Gate are about the comfort of good memories: A sunny summer afternoon at Cornell University’s Plantations.  They’re a reminder (note to self too) that winter really doesn’t last forever, that flowers will bloom again soon.

Parnilla Carpenter, Garden Gate
Colored Pencil, 4 ½” x 3”
Matted & framed to 7” x 5”

A little about how the Plantations drawings were done:

Unless I’m doing a calligraphy or portrait where another media is requested, I work mostly these days in colored pencil on smooth-surface Bristol Board. My layers of color and the pressure I apply to blend them will buckle lighter papers, but Strathmore’s Bristol provides a durable foundation.  I use Berol Prismacolor and Derwent pencils.

These drawings’ palette consists mostly of siennas, greens and earth tones coupled with vibrant reds, blues, and yellows to make the compositions glow and pop.  Layers and colors were blended with a white pencil.  I kept the shapes of the trees and flowers simple, impressionistic, let their bright colors do the talking.

Visit the Plantations’ Herb Garden on a warm June afternoon, and you can explore these places yourself.  The bloom cycle changes with every week of the growing season, and there’s always something new to enjoy.

Around The Bend, Garden Gate and other recent Parnilla drawings are available at West End Gallery.  Her drawing Purr is featured on the Little Gems invitation.

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