Tom Gardner/ A Painter in Mexico

Well, it’s been one week in ól Mexico……. and almost  non stop rain  ( I mean flood of ’72 rain,  3″ a day )  and very cold !  And they say it’s  the dry season.

So I´ve been painting from fotos I took just before the rain came.

This place , San Miguel de Allende, is crawling with U.S. expats , who have left the good old US for calmer, more peaceful vibes………. and they have found it here.  Thats for sure.   Very happy, friendly people and a strong sense of comunity. Smiles everywhere!   I am looking to get some nice work done here.   This is the town where the move to independance from Spain started,  and that is still the feeling here….. live and let live.

Yesterday I saw a pack train of burros walking up the middle of a cobble stone street,  about seven in a row.  All piled high with fire wood.  The herder was going door to door  selling it ..  When a V W  bug came up the street, the herder made them get squeeze up on the very narrow side walk,  and they all did it, with a little protest.  BUT…….today is sunny and nice ,  so the brushes call,   with some help from the Margaritas.       I hear it’s snowing up there,  lo siento.

———-Posted by Tom Gardner, from Mexico


3 Responses to Tom Gardner/ A Painter in Mexico

  1. Nora Barnes says:

    Hi Tom……..glad you’re enjoying your experience in a new land……..I’m sure you’ll get some beautiful work done and build some great memories in the process, can’t wait to see you’re accomplishments!
    VA and WA got about 3 ft of snow, we’ve only had a few flurries today, nothing to get excited about…enjoy the sunny warm Mexico climate.

  2. C Morris says:

    Are you going to be sending us some photos of the paintings you’re working on down there? We folks back here in the cold USA might enjoy some warm paintings!

  3. Mart Poole says:

    I can’t think of anyone who will drink up Mexico quite like you will, Mr. Gardner. I can see it now- giant straw hat, serape, a donkey ( with stripes ), and somebody
    ( probably not Joanne ) carrying your paintbox, some burritos and a small bucket of tequila – have fun !
    Bring back a show.

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