Women in Art

Many artists celebrate the female form and face in their work, creating images that resonate through the ages.  I came across this video, called Women In Art,  last year and it captivated me.  It’s basically over 600 years of female portraiture, morphing through the years.  Some of you may seen this as it has become a very popular video on YouTube, having over 10 million views. 

With the music of Bach being played by cellist Yo-Yo Ma as its soundtrack, the video, created by Phillip Scott Johnson, starts with a Russian portrait of an archangel from the late 13th century morphing into a  Da Vinci portrait and runs through the centuries ending with a series of Picasso portraits.  It’s interesting to see the subtle transitions from face to face.  You can recognize some of the faces immediately and others leave you wondering.  To see a list of the portraits and the artists used in this video, click on the photo above.

So, give alook and try to pick out those you know.  I was pleased to see one of my favorite Da Vinci portraits, the Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani  or Lady with Ermine.   I’d be interested in hearing what you favorites might be.


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