A great passion of mine, which I have incorporated into my art from time to time, is understanding the processes and forces that form(ed) the universe.  Especially fascinating is a theoretical proposition called entanglement.  It challenges the long established belief that there is nothing faster than the speed of light.  Entanglement starts with two particles, one negative, one positive colliding at nearly the speed of light, resulting in the two particles being annihilated.  From that collision two new particles, photons (pieces of light) emerge. One is spinning clockwise, and the other counterclockwise.  At this point they are ‘entangled.’  The theory holds that if one particle is removed and separated from the other as far away as the edge of the known universe, anything happening to that particle will be instantly felt by the other, thus confounding one of the foundational ideas of modern physics.  The following pieces depict the entanglement process.

—-Posted by Bill Boland


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