Mansfield Students Paint Corning – posted by Martha Campbell

A Study of Marty's Painting

“The sunwishes, oh to be the breath on water and a song through trees”      inspired by “Warm Light” oil by Martin Poole

Warm Light by Martin Poole

Spring was breaking even if there was still a foot of snow and the wind chill made picture taking on the bridges seem like 20 above zero. But the sun sparkled on the river and I had an enthusiastic bunch with me who were pretty much willing to join me in any shenanigans I could muster up. I brought my painting class from Mansfield University to Corning on Thursday, March 4th. We didn’t have much time yet we managed to pack in a weeks worth of art! For their next art project they are to emulate the Hudson River School of Painters by becoming the Chemung River School of Painters. The idea was to take photos of the bridges in Corning, and then create a thin, horizontal canvas to paint. They will use the styles based on Hudson River paintings by setting the mood with warm, earth tones. Afterwards we headed to the best little gallery this side of the Mason Dixon, West End Gallery. Unfortunately I had forgotten to call Marty or David, but we managed to have some fun anyway. Lin and Hedy were charming as usual and graciously allowed the group to sketch 3 of their favorite “Little Gems” and then write Haiku about each one. They will take these sketches back to our studio and render them in color. I was delighted when Lin asked me to post a blog and so dear readers; here are a few sketches and poems of some favorite gems. I also am enclosing a photo of these fabulous future painters.

Winter Tree by Anne Bialke

Painting by: Anne L. Bialke
poem by: Rachel Gustin-Westerfer

all alone dusk has come
never smiles in the cold
sailing in dreams


———-Posted By Martha Campbell


One Response to Mansfield Students Paint Corning – posted by Martha Campbell

  1. Sheila Ortiz says:

    Dear Martha,
    What a wonderful lesson. Keep it up! I love the connection of applying the idea of hudson river painters to corning – having students personally identify with concepts is what it is all about – thank you for sharing.

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