Scenes From Italy

——-Posted by Brian Keeler———–

Near Monte Marano

Hi, All-

These are some images of last  year’s trips to Italy.  There were two groups that went last year.  The first in Late May and early June was a painting trip with most of the time spent in Todi near Umbria.  It was a great set up at my friend Massimilliano’s Agrotourismo place in the country.  Lots of trips to nearby towns to paint and look at art. This time stumbling upon the work of Pintoricchio ( collaborator with Perugino and Raphael who did a panel in the Sistine as well) in a little

View of Barga

church in the hilltown of Spello.  In the September a group of 14 went for a cultural tour.  These were former students at the art school I attended in York, PA, the York Academy of Arts. This trip was a tour for them as they had never been, so we hit many places to see art. It is great to paint in these places where so many other artist have preceded.  For example the view of me painting at sunset is in the hilltown overlooking Florence called Fiesole. It is much older than Florence, has a Roman Amphitheatre and it is the birthplace of the Renaissance painter known to us as Fra Anglelico.  One of the others is in the front of the architecturally famous hospital designed by Brunelleschi, Ospedale dei Innocenti in Florence.

Ciao- Brian

Brian in Assisi with students

Alessia, our hostess in Todi


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