Mark Reep: In Silence

——Posted By Mark Reep———-


A few weeks ago on West End Talk I posted a series of in-progress scans and comments about my drawing The Nightingale’s Garden.  Here’s another making-of for the upcoming Process show at WEG.

1 Exploration and discovery remain a   priority of my process. In the first work-in-progress scan, I like elements of the outcropping to the right of the tower. But the crag the tower stands on doesn’t seem substantial enough, and the tower already seems to need adjacent structures.

2 In the second scan, the tower’s taking shape, and I’m working to bring the values of its roof and the sky behind into line.


3 Here, I’ve adjusted and cleaned up the tower’s lines and developed its surfaces further. I like the new bridge, the flow of the bridge and walkway, and I still like the outcropping below. I’m reluctant to give up any of those elements, but though I’m usually partial to solitary, stand-alone structures, it seems clear that this tower should be the focal element of a community or campus.

4 I wanted the adjacent buildings to tie the tower into its setting, without compromising impact or obscuring its brightly lit face, so I kept the new shapes and rooflines simple, clean, complementary. The small building breaks up the horizontals, and the light falling across it becomes another focal element. Trees and bushes function  in the same way, and soften shapes, surfaces, edges. More sky smoothed, values adjusted throughout the drawing- Always an ongoing process. The cliff to right remains a work in progress.

5 In the final scan, the cliff’s become more cliff-like, taken a step back into the shadows and assumed a supportive role, with a sloping lawn appearing at the top, between the building’s foundations. A rugged natural setting with another green tucked among the perhaps-ruins below, and carefully tended buildings and grounds above- In Silence is a place of contrasts, one I’ve enjoyed creating. Materials and tools include Bristol Board, charcoal and graphite pencils, kneaded erasers, Q-Tips.  Here’s the finished drawing.

Mark Reep, In Silence
Charcoal & Graphite drawing; 5 1/2″ x 16 1/4″, matted & framed to 13″ x 25″



4 Responses to Mark Reep: In Silence

  1. Parnilla Carpenter says:

    I have often wondered if people realize what goes into any work of art…The thought, the process, the time, not to mention the presentation… Each medium a challenge at times to overcome…Getting the subject to convey what the artist intended…Hoping the viewer will find it pleasing perhaps speaking to them in some small way… This piece has always taken my breath away… It is more than beautiful…Thanks Mark for making it for us…

  2. kaitelady says:

    Hey man, I would love to use this piece of art on my page here, and give you credit as artist of course. Could be mutually beneficial. Please think about it. THanks,

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