Chesney’s View

On the island of  St. John, in the American Virgin Islands, on the north shore is a place called Peter Bay.  It’s a gated community with fabulous houses over looking the bay.  This is  Lower Peter Bay,where Kenny Chesney has a beautiful house, tucked high over the turquoise waters.  Across the road and up the hill is the new Upper Peter Bay development.  And when I say upper, I mean put on your oxygen masks, cuz the drive is a series of switchbacks that wind you slowly up into nose bleed altitudes.  This is where  I saw and painted this piece . I sat on the deck where the wedding reception was held when Chesney and Rene Zellweger got married.  This is just a small part of the view to be had up here.  The full view looks from St Thomas, on the right  to 180 degrees to your left to Tortolla.  The island in the distance is Yost Van Dyke and the closer islands are a part of St John.  If you stepped off the edge of the deck, you’d plunge down the hill and you wouldn’t  stop (unless a tree  stopped you first) until you’re on the beach.   

  I met Kenny one morning while I was down on the Trunk Bay Overlook where I was celebrating the finish of a small sketch.  The light really threw me for a loop and I was having a hell of a time getting it right.  Well, finally, at 10 am, I got it,  and decided to open a bottle of wine , turn up the radio and dance a little.  Well, sure as heck, a Jeep pulls up with four dudes in it, with baseball hats on, smiling and lookin’ at me.  I told them it’s a hell of a job, painting, but someone has to do it.  They took a photograph of me and took off.  I found out later that it was Chesney and his bunch.    

  When I got back to the studio, I decided to lay the scene out a little differently and try it bigger: thats when this view was born. 

On a makeshift counter, made of a huge squared off log at the end of the deck is carved ” moments turn to minutes, minutes turn to days, days turn into memories” .  Well, these moments turned into this memory of a fantastic time in St John,  a view that very few people have ever seen in St John.


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