The Process: Start to Halfway There


===========Posted by Edd Harnas===============

Previous entries here have shown the stages of completion an artist takes their work through, in conjunction with the current show at West End Gallery.

I’m here to add an example of “The Process: Start to Halfway There.”

This painting I’m working on reminds me of those CD box sets. They often include a couple of unreleased tunes that, for various reasons, never made it to the original album. Sometimes, the process bogs down, and the song just never gets finished.

I started this piece back in September (2009) taking it on more as a challenge rather than a commission. An art dealer here had a “warm and fuzzy” sunset photo (#1) that he thought would make a great painting…

#1 Original Photo- "Warm & Fuzzy"


and it reminded me of a vintage photo (#2) I had that I thought could be worked up as well.

#2 Vintage Hawaiian Photo


He originally presented the idea to “a family of artists” here, who turned him down; this is where the personal challenge came in.

I was off to a good start (#3)…

#3- The Painting Starts


keeping the warm color scheme. I worked steadily into mid-October and had the overall thing down (#4).

#4 - Getting Close

But I tend to lose interest in pieces that take a long time, and I moved on to other things.

In the spring, when I got back to it, I decided it needed more drama, so in came the heavy duty clouds (#5).

#5- Adding Drama to the Clouds

And a few minor changes to waves, and eliminating the swimmers in the water (#6)…

#6 - Done... For Now

It still needs to get back some of that warm pinkish sunset glow from the original photo; I figure I might get to that step, maybe sometime this summer.


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