New Painting – 5/27/10

——Posted by Chad Smalt—–

30x30inch oil painting 2010 by Chad Smalt

New painting for the upcoming show at West End Gallery themed “Inspirations”. It took me a while to figure out a successful method but I managed to get a few lines of poetry written under the painting and, mostly, readable.

I don’t have any religion but I do have bands and music and books and all the words in all that art. Some might quote a bible verse, but for me it’s a bit of Shai Hulud or Strung Out and often Hot Water Music. Hot Water Music is one of my favorite bands and also the name of a Charles Bukowski book, that’s where they got the name for their band, and then I heard their music and learned their words, eventually leading me back to the book and to Bukowski’s words, which is where I got the few lines that I wrote under this painting:

this divine accident has brought us together

even though you are clay, and I am flesh

we have touched

we have somehow touched

I suppose I “stole” them, but all art is theft right? Hot Water Music the band “stole” their name from Bukowski and a bit of inspiration, and so did I, and so will someone else and so on. It’s one of the great strengths of Art in general, the way that it feeds on itself, not in some destructive way but in a constant evolution building upon itself with many different hands, in many different ways, year after year.


One Response to New Painting – 5/27/10

  1. redtreetimes says:

    Good piece and good post. I find the influences you cite interesting, particularly the Bukowski, who I found for myself about thirty years ago when he had a big burst of exposure. It’s always interesting how we weave these seemingly out of place influences into our own work, creating something that may not resemble them in any way.

    Good work…

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