Putting the Green in Greenhouse

———–Posted by Alice Dustin————

Where does my inspiration come from?  The creative process remains a mystery.  I just finished a series of small format strawberry paintings, enjoying the free forms of the fruit, the contrast of the bright red berries and the plain white surfaces of the counter and dishes.  Now I’m enchanted with greenhouses.  It is a subject that has had an enduring interest for me.  There is something somewhat abstract in the architecture of the building which subdivides space with the lines of the window frames and brings the outside world into an interior room.  My palette has necessarily switched from featuring the red berries to an almost unlimited exploration of greens.  The nature of the space has also changed dramatically from the intimacy of a single place setting to capturing the expanse of a giant room as well as the greenery outside the windows. 

Once more I am not satisfied with making a single painting on a theme.  I am moving slowly away from strictly painting these open air interiors and have found an interest in windows reflecting garden greenery, in pools reflecting walls and plants, in garden walls and gates where nature abounds on both sides of a wall.  There is the same contrast of the manmade structure and the free flowing natural growth which gives both shape and movement to the composition. 

I find that scale is part of my vision.  My interest spreads from the still life that I have just left behind to a more expansive space.  It is not the broad panoramic view but a more contained one that appeals to me.  There is something of the human scale that holds my interest.  For now I am still exploring this world of green.



2 Responses to Putting the Green in Greenhouse

  1. Parnilla Carpenter says:

    Love the greens! And you can feel the warmth of the sun and smell that wonderful scent of a greenhouse!
    Well done…

  2. Bridget says:

    These paintings are gorgeous! I love the way you captured the light coming through the glass walls. Will we see them at the West End?

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