Marty Poole’s Solitaire

Sarah's Gate- Martin Poole

This past week saw the opening of the latest group of work from ultra-talented Marty Poole.  Titled Solitaire, the show opened Thursday,  June 17, at the West End Gallery with a well attended opening.  Many of Marty’s many collectors mingled before a stunning new collection of oil paintings that display the incredible scope of Marty’s mastery over the medium as well his unique eye for color and composition.

Single Tree- Martin Poole

Solitaire features many of Marty’s strong features including his trademark  epic landscapes with their soaring, immense skies and and wide, endless horizons that give the paintings a sense of the ethereal.  There also examples of his still lifes that are wonderful combinations of forms and color that imbue the mundane with emotion, as well as  a number of his figurative pieces.  There is also a group of paintings that portray scenes from Poole’s travels, capturing ancient vistas in his unique style.

Offshore Light– Martin Poole


This show hangs until July 16 so definitely make some time to come to the West End and spend some time with this special group of work.  It’s a wonderful mix of strength and subtlety with scenes that will trigger your emotions and make you think.  Give yourself a treat and stop in and experience this show.
You’ll be glad you did.

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