Last Week of Solitaire

River Bend- Martin Poole

Just a quick reminder that we are nearing the point where there is only one week left for you to come into the gallery to see the beautiful exhibit of paintings from the renowned Marty Poole.  Titled Solitaire, this is a show you will regret missing.  Poole’s use of bold, deep color as well as subtle shifts in light give these works great power and depth, capturing the essence that the artist caught in his statement for the show:

A person who knows solitude – sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance.
A card game you play when you’re by yourself, or when you want to be.
A precious stone, carefully cut and most beautiful when seen on its own.
It is often easier to see things more clearly and know life a little better when we don’t feel compelled to react. Solitude allows us this quiet. This is also very close to what happens when an art form takes us over.
In our lives we are all nudged toward many different truths – in our solitary moments the dust can settle, we can breathe again, and we can take one of those quiet steps toward clarity.

Solitaire hangs until July 16th at the West End Gallery.


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