Inspiration/ James Ramsdell

For a while now, I’ve been listening to pod casts of “The Writers Almanac” in the morning while getting going. It’s nice to remember those both current and previous who have been involved in the creative world. And sometimes they even mention arists ! Well they missed one this morning, George Bellows, who was born on this date- August 12th in 1882. I was very inspired by Bellows, especially by his early work. He would often depict workers along the Hudson river in the winter, with strong dynamic light and shadow and vivid colors from the early morning or late-day sun. It is that dynamic lighting that so intrigued me. An artist tries to understand, define, and order his world. It seems to me that it makes sense that dramatic lighting is a key ingredient in this endeavor. It’s what attracted me to his work and to what I look for in nature.

"Winter Afternoon" by George Bellows, 1909

When I finish painting for a show, it gives me time to reflect on what I’ve done and where I’ve gone, in putting paintings together for a show. As I’m getting ready for my September show with Bridget and Brian, I’m able to see the work as a group, to look at the similarities and differences between the paintings, and the trends, and to see the influences by artists who have affected me along the way.              

"Fading" by James Ramsdell, 2010

This one of those scenes that remind me of Bellows’s work. This scene that just stopped me in my tracks ! The Light ! The Shadows ! The color !!!! But I was also intrigued by the title that popped into my mind. “Fading” Is the light fading ? Or are the shadows ? Is night fading into the brightness of day ? Or is day fading into night ? The viewer must decide, is his glass half full or half empty ?


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