Back from Denali/ Tom Gardner

The clouds were nonstop and rain and fog were unrelenting for two days……then I got up the morning we were to take a train to Denali, 120 miles north of us and on the way to board, there it was sitting on the horizon, like a ghost.  The clouds had moved on and the sky was perfect,  so perfect the engineer of the train stopped when we were still 65 miles away just to tell us how lucky we all were . Well, I located the side trip excursion guy and told him to get me on one of those planes that fly up to a glacier on the side of  Mount McKinley (Denali),  and he did !   He said as soon as we unload at the national park, a shuttle will pick me up at the hotel and take me straight to the airport.     And sure enough, the pilot told us how perfect the day was and he hadn’t seen it like this all season.   This painting is the final approach to our landing spot, Alice glacier, around the corner from this 6,000 ft cliff to our left.

  When we landed and steped out of the plane, onto the snow, there was a hush, noone could talk it was so magnificent.   the mountain towered over us and yet it was still 15 mile farther up the glacier.  this mountain is taller, by 2000 ft., than Mt Everest.  Although it’s not the tallest point on earth by 9,000 ft. Everest starts out on a plateau that is already 11,000 ft tall. 

  I’ve managed to paint 6 canvases so far, but there are plenty more to do. Sydney Laurence did a beautiful  oil of Mt McKinley, that hangs on the second floor landing of the Rockwell Museum. It’s stuning, you should stop in and see it. 

Of course, down lower , at Glacier Bay, we saw a few griz along the shore munching on a beached whale, gettin fat, and playing in the water.  This trip will keep me busy for quite a while.

AND….. if you haven’t seen G.C.Myers show at Westend Gallery, by all means DO.    He reminds me of what one of the dudes in ZZ TOP said , the last time I saw them,…”hey folks, after 30 years, we are the same three dudes, playing the same three chords…”   Oh but what chords they are !!!!               Well ,Gary dosen’t have to travel to Alaska, or Italy, or any other place …. except  in his mind to paint the same tree and make such fantastic views over and over again. Always taking you somewhere new and worth visiting.   I love the colors he is using and way he is handling the glazes.      Damn Good Stuff.

  Tom Gardner


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