Shawn Murrey + Chad Smalt Art Show Open Now

Where: The Atrium Gallery at the Corning Community College Spencer Hill campus, gallery is on second floor above admissions.

Directions: 1 Academic Drive, Corning, NY 14830
From 1-86 (Route 17), take exit 46. Turn onto Route 414S and proceed to Denison Parkway (Route 352). Turn left, go two blocks to Chemung Street, then turn right. Continue up hill for approximately two miles. CCC will be on the right. Turn at the large stone sign.

When: Now! Show is up from Oct. 15th through Nov. 20th, Artist reception is Nov. 5th 4-6pm

It took Shawn and I about 3 days to finish setting up this show, but it’s up and ready now. This is after about 3 months of making frames for the 44 paintings in the show(probably going to add a few more as I get them done), not counting all the time it took me to make each one of these paintings. Most are from 09/10 but a few older favorites I’ve been hanging on to from 05/06 and so forth. I know Shawn’s pieces also stretch back a few years.

It was Shawn’s idea to pack a whole bunch of my paintings together on one wall. He got the idea after visiting my studio space last summer and seeing how they all sort of accumulate into a rather random collage of images. I liked the idea and I think it conveys what I do pretty well, not just my paintings but the process. Seeing so many at once is overwhelming but can also give you an idea of every which way I have turned and tried over some period of years. It’s also seemingly known as “the blue wall”.

Shawn Murrey is a graduate of Alfred University with a masters and is now teaching there as well. He describes his pieces as “things you’ve seen before but not in this way”, which is pretty close to what I do with my paintings actually. He is as interested in sculpting a space as he is in creating the pieces, lighting and arranging each one. Shawn’s work asks you to be interested in process and materials and to observe the craft and care that went into them. They also weigh a lot.

Thanks to CCC for giving us the opportunity to show our work and many thanks to Super Professor Dave Higgins for helping us get everything in order. Hope to see you at the reception Nov 5!



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