On Tom Buechner/ Brian Hart

In conjunction with our ongoing Memorial Show for the late Tom Buechner, we have been running a series of essays that were written by artists who painted and/or studied with Tom.  These essays accompanied an accompanying tribute show consisting of work by these artists that hangs in the upstairs gallery at the West End.  The show ends November 12. 

Today we’re featuring Brian Hart.


Several years ago, a group made up of mainly Tom’s Friday night painting class, made the journey to New York for a tour and talk by Tom about the collection of paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tom was great and I enjoyed his remarks about the collection, but the painting that was most memorable for me was the one that hung on the kitchen door of Tom’s apartment in the city. He had an unframed painting by J.D. Lyndecker that perhaps had been a Saturday Evening Post cover. As an illustration major in college I was more interested in the work of American illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth and J.D. Lyndecker than just about all the other slides that were projected onto the giant screen in art history class. I got to sleep right next to an original on Tom’s pull-out couch.

Thanks for all that you taught me.

Brian M. Hart


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