A Friend Lost

This past week our good friend and talented potter Liz Gerard passed away.  Many of you knew her beautiful work that has graced the West End for a number of years, beautifully crafted pieces of pottery that had  a delicacy and strength at once.   There was an accessibility to her work that made one want to touch it, hold it.  To feel the coolness of the glaze on the fingers and to bring the wondeful color of the piece closer to the eye.  It  felt like more than pottery.

But as beautiful as her work was, it is simply a mere symbol of who she was as a person.   The warmth of her smile and the twinkle of her eyes displayed the caring heart that Liz possessed , a quality that was so evident to all who knew her.  Her life and death touched many of us in profound ways.

Liz will always be with us in her work and in our memories.  She will be greatly missed.


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