On Tom Buechner/ Nancy McCaughey & Cathy Kramer

This past fall the gallery hosted a tribute to the late Tom Buechner, who passed away earlier in the year.  The exhibit featured work from many of his students and painting companions, each of who provided a short essay about their time spent with Tom.  We are trying to run the entire series of essays  here on this blog and will continue until the end of this year.

Today we feature two essays.  The first is from Nancy McCaughey and the second from Cathy Kramer.


I painted with Tom since 1994. I began with a summer plein air class through the Arnot Museum. Tom invited me to join his 171 Cedar Arts class and I did. I thoroughly enjoyed spending over 500 Friday nights soaking up Tom’s wisdom and witticisms. My time with Tom has been a truly enlightening and life-changing experience.

 —–Nancy McCaughey



Tom brought painting to the present time for me.  In art school there was no one like Tom who was so encouraging yet would go after any faults in your technique like they were big bugs.  His focus on the figure as well as still life and landscape was accompanied by continuous critiques, peer review, and supportive follow-up, which brought me to redeem and trust my own vision of art and to work tirelessly to improve myself.  It was like Tom had a big magnifying glass trained on us, constantly pushing us to become better artists.  I will never forget the wonderful evenings spent in his home studio listening to opera and painting, no excuses.

———-Cathy Kramer



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