Edd Harnas/ Little Gems

As the New Year begins and we begin to prepare here for our annual Little Gems show, opening in February, artist Edd Harnas, formerly of Corning but now painting in Hawaiirecently wrote about his preparations for the show:

The Holiday show was just recently hung, but I’m already thinking “small.”

I generally make smaller pieces for West End shows for various reasons. My “studio” is a small space in the apartment and I do not have the luxury of working on or storing large pieces. And who needs a large blank intimidating canvas taunting you anyway?

So I am working on pieces for the “Little Gems” show in February, 2011. As I look over some of the work so far, I mostly appreciate the variety.

I’m sure some West End artists who usually work on a larger scale need to rethink their approach to an image so that it will still have impact despite the diminutive size. This show may also afford them the chance to experiment with other styles and techniques and images without sacrificing a large expensive canvas. I acknowledge that the small format allows that for me in some of the recent paintings.

In September, I showed artwork at ING Direct here and spoke at the opening reception. One point I made was being able to find picturesque scenes, even within the most urban of settings in which I live. And that ultimately (no matter our style or size) is what we as artists do on a daily basis: find the “little gem” among the vast environments around us, and the overwhelmingness of sensory perception we process.

And that is where I’m at as I produce new work for the “Little Gems” show at West End Gallery.


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