Gems Preview!

Cherry Blossoms- Bridget Bossart van Otterloo

We’re sure the wet and cold weather has us all wishing for the gray skies to clear and a little light to shine on us.  One way you can find a little light and warmth in these cold times is to head out to the West End Gallery this Friday evening, February 4th, for the opening of our annual Little Gems exhibit.  The exhibit features miniature paintings from our best artists and is always a great show and evening.

Curtis Rd. Hay Bales- Christopher O'Handley

The show this year is sponsored once a gain by a great friend of the gallery, JoAnn Bonady and her son, Joseph.  Music will be provided by the well-regarded guitarist William Groome.  The reception for the opening starts at 5 PM and runs until 7:30 PM.  The exhibit is currently hanging and is waiting for you take a stroll through.  Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this show!

Small World #9- GC Myers


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