Shed Your Blahs!

Pears With Green Teapot- Sheila Ortiz

If you’re feeling a little cabin fever and are looking for a break from the cold, we invite you to come out tonight to the Little Gems opening at the West End Gallery.  It’s always a great time with great miniature paintings by extraordinarily talented artists mixed in with a little wine and  some food, friends and music.  It will lift your wintertime blues!

The show starts at 5 PM and goes to 7:30 and is sponsored by JoAnn Bonady and her son, Joseph.  William Groome will treat the upstairs crowd with his guitar playing. 

HR Pufnstuf - David Higgins

If you’ve never been to an opening at the West End Gallery, don’t let that stop you.  It’s a very casual affair (no stuffy black ties here!) and is family friendly.  So don’t be shy and  if you have young artists-to-be , bring them along!  So throw on your coat, toss the kids in the car and come on out tonight.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Barn in Winter- Anne Bialke

Ham Radio- Wilson Ong

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