Getting to Know: Jacqueline Gikow

Pink Mother of pearl-- Jacqueline Gikow

  When did you start painting or drawing or doing whatever it is that makes up your work?
I started doing art as a child. My father used to bring materials home to make various objects. I also had an aunt and uncle who were painters who encouraged through their activities, my inclination to do crafts, drawing and painting. I have always done some kind of artistic endeavor, from pottery to polymer clay to painting. I started doing jewelry about five years ago when I found a supply for beads and silver that got me very excited. Since then I have been working in jewelry and home decor accessories using beads and precious metals. 

 What artist or artists do you consider as having the greatest influence on your work?
I am more influenced by movements than by artists. The Art Deco era, Art Nouveau, Minimalism, Deconstructivism
Do you have any influences, artistic or otherwise, that might surprise those familiar with your work?
I am influenced by architecture and design. Something about the functionality of those arts is very inspiring to me.
What was the best advice you ever received that has helped you with your art?
Do what you love and be patient.
If you could only pass along one piece of advice to a young artist, what would that be?
Major in Marketing and minor in art. You can always do art, but you need to support yourself and that means you must be knowledgeable in business.
Do you have a favorite piece of art by someone other than yourself?                                                                                                                                                                                            I love Matisse’ torsos in the Museum of Modern Art. They’re substantial and strong looking.
Do you listen to music when you work?  If so, could you share a few titles or artists?
I listen to country music. John Denver, the Seldom Scene, Melanie, lots of others.
Favorite book?
Purple Cow, by Seth Godin. Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.
Favorite movie?
My Fair Lady


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