Director’s Choice

Autumn Cascadilla- Brian Keeler

Tonight is the opening at the West End Gallery for one of the most crowd pleasing shows held there, the Director’s Choice show.  Gallery Director Linda Gardner has went through the new and existing work at the gallery and has chosen those pieces that most appeal to her.  It is the work she thinks best represents her personal vision of the West End.  Judging by the response to her choices over the years, she knows what she is doing with her selections.  This is a wonderful looking show and there is something for every taste.

The Director’s Choice show opens tonight, Friday, March 18th, with an opening that runs from 5 -7:30 PM at the West End Gallery on Corning’s Market Street.  There will be refreshments and music from the Mangione Gordon Duo.  We hope to see you there.

You can also view the show online here.

True North- Aleta Yarrow


Loner- Marty Poole


2 Responses to Director’s Choice

  1. judy birch says:


    Good luck at the show . . . just wondering – when you feature a piece in your newsletter, is there a way (maybe in tiny tiny print or a list at the bottom, you could print the price?) Being an out of state follower of several West End Artists, I look to buy, so would like not to have to write after each newsletter. Nice to hear from you always, but just thinking the price might also encourage others.

    I’ve sent the newsletter to a few friends who now live away, so I think I wouldn’t be the only interested potential buyer?

    thanks – hope you don’t mind the suggestion.


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