Get to Know: Edd Harnas

Edd Tokarz Harnas

 When did you start painting or drawing or doing whatever it is that makes up your work?

Showed some artistic ability as early as the 2nd grade. It’s been uphill ever since. 

 What artist or artists do you consider as having the greatest influence on your work?

The two that immediately come to mind are Salvador Dali and Andrew Wyeth. But I’ve taken a little bit of influence from a great many diverse artists, i.e. (to name a couple): Sargent, Warhol, Avedon, Whistler, Rembrandt, Scheile, Michael Leonard, CS Bull, Monet, Klimt, James Childs, Prudhon, Eakins, Salle, Rosenquist, Turner, Alex Kanevsky, Jerome Witkin (probably the most emotional work I can recall) and Hawaii artists D.H.Hitchcock and Kim Starr.

 Do you have any influences, artistic or otherwise, that might surprise those familiar with your work?

Since I have always liked good movie making, I think it must have played a significant part in my artwork. Certainly the idea of black and white painting.


 Do you have a favorite piece of art by someone other than yourself? How about by you?

My favorite of my own is usually what I’ve just finished. That lasts until the next one is done!

Face (in progress)- Edd Harnas

 Do you listen to music when you work? If so, could you share a few titles or artists?

You think the list for #2 is long and wild? It might be easier to say what I don’t listen to! Internet radio (e.g. oldies, lounge, alternative rock, classical, and a Muslim station once in a while just to see what they’re up to); music downloads (e.g. schlocky Hawaiiana from the 60s, obscure pop and vocal vinyl rips. Recent favorites: Sigur Ros, Mermen, BRMC, Akron Family.


 Favorite book?

 “Seth Speaks” Jane Roberts

 Favorite movie?

 “The Wizard of Oz.” Recent favorites: “The King’s Speech,” “Michael Clayton”


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