Director’s Choice: Classic Realism

Apples in Glass- Tom Buechner

This years Director’s Choice exhibit at the West End Gallery is a tour de force in classic representational painting.  Director Linda Gardner has selected work  that shows a tremendous range of expression within the framework of realism and there are supreme examples  at every turn.  There is the classic oil still lifes of Tom Buechner, Marc Rubin and John Wahlig, among others. 

RockwellMuseum- Chris Baker

There are urban landscapes that are rendered beautifully in different mediums.  There are gouache scenes of Corning from Chris Baker that are beautiful pieces of realistic painting.  And scenes in oil from Brian Hart that show off his wonderful strokework. 

The Guardian- Michael Barr

Actually, there is something here that hits the mark for every form of  classic representational art, including the graphite rendering of Michael Barr.  In short, this is just a great looking show.  Kudos to Director Linda Gardner for once again putting together a superb show.  Make sure to see it before it ends on April 26.

Friends- Marc Rubin

Supreme Apple- John Wahlig


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