Get to Know: Chris Baker

Rockwell Museum- Chris Baker

 When did you start painting or drawing or doing whatever it is that makes up your work?

 My painting/drawing began at 8-10 yrs. Parent interest encouraged me.

 What artist or artists do you consider as having the greatest influence on your work?

 Influence for interiors: Jan Vermeer. Exteriors and landscapes: John Singer Sargent

Do you have any influences, artistic or otherwise, that might surprise those familiar with your work?

 I am involved in running marathons, and triathlons: a great and necessary balance to the otherwise “quiet” of painting. Also, gardening and working in the yard. 

 What was the best advice you ever received that has helped you with your art?

 “Your job as an artist is to work!

 If you could only pass along one piece of advice to a young artist, what would that be?

  You’re never any better than your next painting

 Do you have a favorite piece of art by someone other than yourself? How about by you?

 I have many pieces of art that have been purchased from other artists, or traded. Presently, my favorite is a watercolor painting done en plein aire in France by Skip Roland of Pultneyville.

 Do you listen to music when you work? If so, could you share a few titles or artists?

  When I’m working well, NO music. When not so serious, everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Eric Satie to the Beatles.

 Favorite book?

  Anything by Cormac McCarthy: his writing style is like poetry with a simple, descriptive voice. I would like my painting to parallel his style!

 Favorite movie?

  Anything that engages my wife and me to REALLY discuss.

 Favorite local performance?

 Jazz Fest in Syracuse.


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