Get to Know: Glass Artist Aaron Jack


Lidded Vessel- Aaron Jack

 When did you start painting or drawing or doing whatever it is that makes up your work?

I started working glass a year out of high school. First at Hand-on-glass studio, and then at the Corning Museum of Glass. I love the art of glass so much, I changed my college major from chemical engineering to a BFA in three dimensional studies. 

 What artist or artists do you consider as having the greatest influence on your work? 

There are many great artist that have influenced my work throughout the years. Although, I have always tried to created my own style. I work mainly from inspiration and what I find aesthetically pleasing. I do give allot of credit to the Steuben master glass blowers who I trained with and have given me the technical skills to fully explore the glass. 

Do you have any influences, artistic or otherwise, that might surprise those familiar with your work? 

I am a lover of music, and see glass and music very closely related. Both take practice, repetition, and muscle memory. Once you master a style of either, you can branch off and improvise. Also, I take allot of inspiration from nature. I have alto of plants, especially bonsai. If I am not blowing glass, I am usually hiking with Teegan, my dog. 

 What was the best advice you ever received that has helped you with your art? 

My college instructor, Robert Hurlstone, said ” If you keep at it long enough, you will find a way to survive doing your art.” 

My gaffer, Gary Hughes, in Steuben said ” Get it hot, and go like hell!” 

Both are two sayings I live by. 

Cut Vase- Aaron Jack

If you could only pass along one piece of advice to a young artist, what would that be?

I would tell the artist to follow your passion, even when things are rough. It should never be about the money, and if you are passionate and happy, the Universe will take care of the rest. 

 A favorite piece of Art? 

One of my favorite works of art is “Inner Land”. It was designed by Eric Hilton and made by Steuben, and is in the permanent collection at the Museum. 

 Do you listen to music when you work? If so, could you share a few titles or artists? 

I listen to quite a bit of music when I work. You can always find me listening to The Grateful Dead, Abbett Brothers, Tribal Trance, anything world with a didgeridoo in it. I am always looking for new music, especially from the glass blowers that I work with. 

 Favorite book? 

The Gun Slinger series by Stephen King, it’s epic. 

Favorite movie? 

Can’t say that I have a favorite. The only movie that I ever bought was “Waking Life” 

 Favorite local performance? 

In Corning I always enjoy seeing Manny Q. (fellow glass artist) playing in his many bands. Ithaca is always great, especially when Donna and the Buffalo come back to town. Lets not forget GrassRoots in the Summer.

Lidded Vessel II - Aaron Jack


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