A Must See Show: Marty Poole

 If you were on Market Street in Corning this past weekend and saw an incredible glow coming out of one of the storefront windows, you were no doubt somewhere near the West End Gallery, where the new exhibition of paintings from Martin Poolewere just hung.  The show, which opens Friday, June 10th, with an opening that runs from 5-7:30 PM, is a stunner, with masterful explorations of paint handling and emotion from one of the great contemporary American painters.

It is truly a powerful exhibit.  There is a wide variety of figurative works that feel tightly rendered from a distance but upon a closer look are shown to be loose, gorgeous surfaces that are almost abstract in their execution.  All convey deep emotion and are totally engrossing.  It’s such a compelling group of work that one finds oneself feeling as though there is not enough time to take in all.  Coupled with his figures are Poole’s trademark landscapes with deep views and subtle lighting that hints at the ethereal. 
So please come out to the opening this coming Friday and take in this beautiful group of work.  Or better yet, come early in the week as well and spend some time with these pieces away from the crowds.  You will not be disappointed.

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