60 Hours of Art

WHAT:   It’s a MiniFestival for people to gather, to create, to sing and dance.  Just have fun!

WHY:     Why not?  Actually, it’s to celebrate artist Jennifer Fais’ 60th birthday.

WHEN:   Starting  Tuesday, July 12th and running through July 16th, Saturday.  12 Hours a day.  5 days X 12 hours= 60 hours of art!

WHERE:  At beautiful Beaulahland, near Cameron Mills.

WHO:  You, that’s who!  Anyone and everyone is invited to come and take part. 

Click on the logo above on the right for more info about this very special event.   But most of all, try to be there.  It will be a great time!  Here’s what it’s really all about:


One Response to 60 Hours of Art

  1. First -a thank you to many artists who have already signed up to participate! But there is plenty of room for more – come to try out something you have always wanted to do, or just come for some time of inspiration. I can’t wait!

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