Avatars/ GC Myers

The next exhibit at the West End Gallery is the new show from artist GC Myers, Avatars, which opens this Friday, July 15th, with a reception that runs from 5-7:30 PM.  The artist will be in attendance and music will be provided by guiarist William Groome.  The painting to the left is titled Family Pictures and is part of the show, one of several pieces from this exhibit done in a subdued sepiatone.  This painting is on paper and is in an 18″ square frame.

Here is a statement concerning the theme of this show from the artist:

The dictionary defines the word “avatar”as “an incarnation, embodiment or manifestation of a person or idea.”   A symbol for something beyond the apparent. That is how I have come to view many of the things that are the subjects of my paintings, especially the group for this current show.

For instance, I view the red tree that often appears in my work as a representation of something more than a tree. For me, that tree is a symbol of the individual spirit, the true self. It could be me or it could be anyone who looks on it and identifies some part of themselves in it.

It wasn’t always this way. When I first started painting, I wanted to accurately represent the landscape as it was, in appearance. But as I progressed it became more about capturing the emotions raised by the landscape, those feelings that are triggered by the color of a tree’s leaves in certain light or the way a tree standing alone in a field can make one feel. I began see the tree as a spirit and tried to empathetically sense what it might feel to be in its place. It gave the paintings a different feel, one of being living entities rather than mere depictions of a scene.

There are other avatars in this show beyond the red tree. I see the red chair as representing something more than a chair. And the windowless houses with their red roofs are symbols of something beyond mere homes. The paths that run though these paintings are not just trails through a landscape. Even the suns or moons in these paintings mean something to me beyond being sources of light. I see them as an avatar of the greater power of which we are all part, always there, always watching.

Perhaps that is asking a lot from a bit of paint on some canvas or paper. Maybe. But it is what I see in this work and hope others do as well. Maybe they will only be attracted to the color or shapes of a landscape and see it only as lovely scene, one that I would like to feel themselves in. The painting has become, in its own way, an avatar for what they see as a better place.

And that is good enough for me…

——-GC Myers


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