And the Award Goes to…

Bridget Bossart van Otterloo is currently part of a stunning show at the West End Gallery with artist Brian Hart.  That, in itself, is a great accomplishment and her work there shows the depth of her talent.  That might be enough to prove how her stature has grown in the artworld. 

  But this part weekend, her painting shown here, To Sparkle, a 32″ by 24″ oil and silver leaf composition, took her reputation a step further.   Hanging as part of the prestigious Southern Tier Biennial, held in Olean, NY,  Bridget’s painting was awarded best work in the painting category.  The show is a regional survey of contemporary art, covering 9 counties of Western NY.  The jurors for this show were Marie Via, director of exhibitions for the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, and Gerald Mead, independent curator and lecturer at Buffalo State College.

We here at the West End Gallery are not surprised.  We send out hearty congratulations to our award winner and welcome all of you out there to stop in and see her show, which is also worthy of awards!


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