Introducing Bob Santandrea

I moved to the Corning area in early 2007 from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have lived in a variety of places, and have been drawing, painting, and sculpting on and off for about the last 25 years. Different experiences, tastes, and cultures have influenced my work over the years. My ‘education’ has included participating in workshops, informal life drawing and plein air groups, classes offered by community art centers, working informally with experienced artists/teachers, and, to some extent, self-teaching. While I have occasionally exhibited my work, I have enjoyed pursuing art simply as a means of self-expression and a welcome change from my day job as an attorney (and, previously, a scientist)!

For many years, my primary interests were the human figure and portraiture. During that time, I worked mostly in charcoal. After moving to Corning, I had the opportunity to paint with Thomas S. Buechner for a few years, and became more interested in landscapes and still life, as well as the use of color.

A little over two years ago, I re-discovered pastels and fell in love with them. I’m drawn to the bright colors and the spontaneity that the medium allows. I now primarily work in pastels and use the different effects provided by the softness and brilliant colors of different types of pastels, different surfaces, and combining pastels with other media. I have since taken workshops with master pastellists Robert Carsten, Margaret Dyer, Paul Murray, and Lorenzo Chavez.

I deal with subjects in a semi-abstract, expressive way, using relationships between colors to achieve a desired result. Through my earlier interest in figure drawing, I learned the art of gesture drawing: working quickly to identify and capture the essence or mood of the subject.



3 Responses to Introducing Bob Santandrea

  1. Welcome to Corning and to West End Gallery!

  2. Mark Solomon says:


  3. harry hild says:

    Interesting an artist/patent attorney….

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