Chad Smalt– A look Back at 2011

As we get ready here at the gallery for the next exhibit, our annual Director’s Choice show which opens on March 16, we would like to give you a chance to take a gander at a video by one of our popular gallery artists, Chad Smalt.  It is a complete look at his complete body of work for the year 2011.  It features his moody, tonal landscapes and really gives you a great idea of how his work is evolving.  Take a few moments and give it a viewing.  The accompanying music, Revolve,  is provided by Rosetta.

  Chad’s work, including many of the paintings shown on this video, are at the gallery now and will be part of the upcoming show which is also a birthday celebration for  the West End Gallery– 35 years old!


2 Responses to Chad Smalt– A look Back at 2011

  1. Edd says:

    An impressive body of work.. nicely organized and presented. Good job!

  2. Thom Gardner says:

    Quite impresive, I can see the various influences and where they have taken you,, good stuff. I see your voice developing.

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