Director’s Choice 2012

Martin Poole-- Summer Night

This Friday, March 16, the West End Gallery is proud to host the opening for one of its most popular annual shows, the Director’s Choice show.  It’s an exhibit where Gallery Director Linda Gardner browses among new and existing work from the extensive roster of talented artists and selects her favorites, pieces of art that strike a distinct chord within her.  It’s always a show rich in imagery and color, one that never fails to please.  This year’s show takes on special significance as Linda and the gallery celebrate 35 years of serving up some of the finest art to this region. 

 The show runs until April 27 and begins with an opening reception Friday from 5-7:30 PM.   There will be refreshments and music provided by Mangione Gordon Duo.  We hope to see you there!

From the pieces chosen for this exhibit, the gallery staff has made their own personal choices as  their favorites.  Hedy chose the painting shown above, Summer Night from Marty Poole.

Ross Delano-- Antimatter

Jesse chose a gorgeous glass sculpture, Antimatter,  from Ross Delano, saying of it :

 I can’t deny that I am drawn to the sculpture, “Antimatter”,created by Ross Delano. Ross is an extremely talented glass artist. He lives locally and is emerging in his artistic career. I love the design of this piece. Each vantage point is unique. The sculpturehas no definite orientation. There is no right or wrong way to appreciate it…

And Bridget made Nymph, a watercolor from Maria Holbein her choice.  She writes:

Maria Holbein-- Nymph

My favorite piece in the Director’s Choice Exhibit is the “Nymph” watercolor by Maria Holbein. Maria is amaster at using watercolor. She knows how to let the watercolor pigment do it’s thing – creating flowing areas of color and light.  The delicatefigure in this painting also shows control and sensitivity. Well done, Maria. I hope to see many more of your watercolors here in the gallery.

These are all great choices but the real question is:  What is your favorite?

Come to the show and make your picks! 


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