Walking Into Inspiration/ Edd Harnas

Edd Harnas - Waddling

From time to time I remember to take my camera along on my morning walk to catch a beautiful sunrise, or some other such “inspiration” for a future painting. But sometimes I walk right by subject matter without much of a thought.

On one walk, I traveled along the Manoa Palolo Drainage Canal which is a favorite hangout for ducks. There was a small bunch at a boat launch site, and I could get close enough for some candid shots. This led to the small painting, “Waddling” shown last year at the gallery.

Edd Harnas - Diversity

And then one morning, as I walked along the adjacent Ala Wai Canal, there was a [mother?] duck and some little ones out for their morning swim. Noticeable, however: one duckling was clearly not like the others, but then, nobody seemed to mind. In this case, I had to hurry back home for the camera to document this unusual grouping. And it led to another little painting entitled “Diversity.”

So the moral of this story, I guess, don’t pass any “inspiration” by. And besides, ducks don’t bother with model releases!


One Response to Walking Into Inspiration/ Edd Harnas

  1. So sweet! Nothing better than seeing a family of “waddlers” … Always brings a smile…Nice job Edd…Love the colors and the softness in both pieces…(c;

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