The Marty Show

Loner- Marty Poole

One of the misfortunes of having my own annual show at another gallery in Virginia at this time of the year is in not being able to attend Marty Poole’s show at the West End Gallery.  Our opening receptions have been on the same night for msny years now so I never get a chance to go to his openings and tell him how much I admire many of  his  paintings from those shows.  But I do take time to preview the show and I saw this year’s show, Touched,  yesterday.

Great show with powerful work and beautiful surfaces.

I’m showing two pieces here that really stick in my mind, mainly because I don’t think the photos that you’re looking at do them justice in amy way.  The one at the top is titled Loner and is a powerhouse of gesture and paint handling.  The photo doesn’t capture fully the effect of the painting’s surface and the way in which a simple, deep  swipe of paint here and there  alters the feeling of the painting.  I have to admit, when I saw this image online it wasn’t one of my favorites from the group but after seeing it in person, I was transfixed.

Bottom Land- Marty Poole

The other piece that hit me in much the same way was this piece shown to the right, Bottom Land.  You have to see this painting in person to get the full effect of its surface- the opalescent colors and texture of the  upper sky and the the beauty of the thick paint of the yellow/orange light coming through the lower portion.  Just a grogeous piece of work. 

These are just two examples from  Touched.   Do yourself a favor and go to the show tomorrow evening.  You’ll see what I’m talking about with these two paintings and many more when you see them in person. 

—-GC Myers

The show’s reception runs Friday, June 8, from 5-7:30 

and is open to the public.


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