Sunrise From the Catskills/ Robert Schneider

Sunrise From the Catskills- Robert Schneider

This painting, “Sunrise from the Catskills” , 40 x 60 inches,  is the latest in my exploration of the Catskills this summer. I have been visiting places made famous by the Hudson River School in the 19th century and doing my own interpretations of the sites. Here I was looking out over the Hudson Valley from the eastern escarpment of the Catskills near the site of the Catskill Mountain House. The vast distance is difficult to capture and the valley is bathed in a glow of yellow/orange as the sun comes up. This was not the painting I did on the spot but rather an amalgam of small sketches. I can’t imagine managing a large canvas out in the elements…although I have seen people trying. Next I am going to visit the Kaaterskill Clove which also looks out over the HudsonValley. I haven’t found the location yet but plan on looking around over the next week or two


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