Back For 2013 + Something From Dana Hawk!

Hawk, YouWantToGiveMeBaconWell, after a long hiatus our blog for the West End Gallery is back.  We’re excited by the upcoming year’s events starting with our always popular annual Little Gems Show that opens on February 1.  The show, which hangs in the gallery until March 15, starts with an opening reception on Feb. 1 that runs from 5-7:30 PM.  We know you don’t want to miss all the great new ( and affordable!) work.

One of our newer artists whose work has been stirring up a lot of interest is Dana Hawk.  Shown here  is a new painting, You Want to Give Me Bacon.  Sorry, folks, but it sold quickly in the gallery!  But we have other wonderful pieces from this talented artist so don’t hesitate to come in for a look.

Here’s what Dana had to say about this delightful painting:

I take a lot of photos of dogs, and sometimes I meet one that is really expressive.  When I approached my neighbors about doing a photo shoot with their two German Shepherds, I anticipated that I would be using images of their massive and beautiful Shepherd,  Santino.   After all, he was the one who always caught my attention when I passed them walking on the road, so why wouldn’t I use him for a painting?

It turned out that Luca, the passive one, would have the ultimate power over me.   It was super hot that day and the dogs had their tongues out in almost every photo, but there was one of Luca that held my attention.

I admit that I’m susceptible to a dog’s energy, but Luca actually looked like he was trying to hypnotize me in this image. And what else could a good dog want more than bacon?


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