Little Gems/ Wilson Ong

IGPAY ATINLAY-3.5x2.5-Wilson Ong-72 This coming Friday, February 1, is the opening date for the West End Gallery‘s annual Little Gems show.  It’s one of our most popular shows with smaller pieces of art from our talented group of gallery artists at very affordable prices.  This week we will be featuring some of these little gems from several of our individual artists.

Today, we start with the  humorous animal caricatures of Wilson Ong.  Most of you probably know Wilson for his sumptuous portraiture or his beautiful plein aire landscapes, all   painted with a master’s hand and eye.  But we are fortunate to get a little peek at his playful side with these  petite fun pieces that mix fun imagery with clever wordplay.  Just wonderful work!Wilson Ong_BearTeethPugilist-3.5x2.5-Wilson Ong-72OngCow Pie-3.5x2.5

Cat House-3.5x2.5-Wilson Ong-72


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