Little Gems/ Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo

BBVO Single Maple LeafIn the runup to Friday’s opening of our popular Little Gems exhibit, we’ve so far shown the work of  Wilson Ong and Valorie Rohver.  Today, we turn our eyes to the small works of Bridget Bossart van Otterloo, an artist who has been a rising star here for the last few years, pleasing her many collectors with her close-up views of nature.    She is currently preparing for a September show of her work here at the West End Gallery, which we anticipate will be a great exhibit based on her past shows here.  The Little Gems show is a great chance to pick up a piece of Bridget’s great work at a reasonable price.

Don’t forget:  The Little Gems show opens this Friday, September 1, with an opening that runs from 5-7:30 PM.  It is sponsored by Joanne Bonady and her son, Joseph P. Bonady, and music will be provided by William Groome.  If you can’t make it Friday, stop in today or tomorrow and see this great show.  Hope to see you!

BBVO Eves Apple

BBVO Pomenganate BBVO Kiwi


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