Little Gems/ James Ramsdell and Caleb Harrington

Ramsdell- Autumn Fields

James Ramsdell- Autumn Fields

Tonight is the opening for our 19th annual Little Gems exhibit here at the West End Gallery.  We have been highlighting a sampling of our gallery artists’ new work here over the past week and today focus on a combination of experience and youth, James Ramsdell and Caleb Harrington.

Ramsdell The Sheds

James Ramsdell- The Sheds

You probably know well the painterly work of  the more experienced  of these two artists, James Ramsdell.  He uses oil paints beautifully with loose brushwork in capturing the upstate landscape.  He has been a gallery favorite for a number of years now and his work is a great addition to any collection.  This is a great opportunity to pick up one of his smaller works at a bargain price!

Caleb Harrington- Shadow Play

Caleb Harrington is the the youthful part of this equation, the youngest artist here at the West End Gallery,  showing his unique work here for close  to two years. His intricate pen and ink drawings always offer an interesting take and invite closer examination to catch all the nuance and detail they contain.  These tiny pieces he has created for this show give a hearty taste of his talent and are the perfect way to begin collecting this young artist for whom we soon envision bigger things.

Again, tonight ‘s reception for the Little Gems show runs from 5 -7:30 PM here at our Market Street gallery.  The show hangs until March 15 so if you can’t make it tonight you will have an opportunity to see this great show.  But try to make it tonight before many of this wonderful work is gone!  Hope to see you here tonight!

James Ramsdell- Autumn Shadows

James Ramsdell- Autumn Shadows


Caleb Harrington- Ripe

Caleb Harrington- Ripe

Caleb Harrington-Polar Opposites A

Caleb Harrington-Polar Opposites A


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