Edd Tokarz Harnas/ Recent Face Studies

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed here.  For quite a while, I’ve been focusing on a series of 6×8” face studies based on interesting photos I come across.  At one time, I was doing one a day — a warm up exercise before tackling other artwork.  But my work schedule is busier now, so I only manage to do a couple a week at this point.
Recently, I painted one based on an old photo of Amelia.  She has modeled for many noted West End Gallery artists, and may have the distinction of being the most painted Corningite!
This is the original 6×8” study.

But when I finished, I felt that this one deserved a little more exploration and development.  I moved to an 8×10 canvas and a bit more diverse palette..
But ultimately the painting remained fairly monochromatic.  Here are a couple of photos as the piece progressed.
And here’s the finished piece, which I plan to send for the next West End Gallery show.
Edd Tokarz Harnas 2013
I enjoy doing the face studies because they allow me to experiment with color, texture and style, and eventually allow me to grow as an artist.
-Edd Tokarz Harnas

One Response to Edd Tokarz Harnas/ Recent Face Studies

  1. I never grow tired of looking at portraits of Amelia! Thank you for painting another one – I think it captures a wonderfully complex expression.

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