In the Limelight/ Opens Friday!

YarrowThePerfectTimeLThis Friday, we are proud to open our new show, In the Limelight, with an opening reception that runs from 5-7:30 PM here at the West End Gallery.  There will be refreshments and music will be provided by the AMA Flute Trio.   As always, everyone is welcome.  So put it on your to-do list and we’ll see you at the West End on Friday.  It’s a show and an opening that won’t disappoint!

In the Limelight features new work from a select group of ten of our wonderfully talented gallery artists.  This is a great looking show that gives each of these artists a  little more room to show a larger body of their work to the viewing public.  We think you will gain a greater appreciation for their talents when you see the full range of their talents as they show them in this exhibit.

In the Limelight features the works of:

         Michael Barr                                   Jeff Perrault

         Bruce Baxter                                  James Ramsdell

      Anne L. Bialke                                  Judy Sopran0

            David Buck                                   Aleta Wynn Yarrow

         Jennifer Fais                                  Treacy Ziegler


We’re showing just  a small sampling  of their great work here.  Stop in at the West End Gallery to see the whole exhibit or view it online.          

Barr Untitled- Deer SkullSopranoViewOfAusibleRiverLBuckBoundariesLFaisWatchfulEyeLZieglerCrossingTheBorderLBialkeMagnoliasUnfurledLBaxterPrettyBirdLRamsdellChangesComingLPerraultOldDogsHavePatienceL                                                                                                                                          


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