In the Limelight: Aleta Wynn Yarrow

Aleta Wynn Yarrow portraitThere is a little less than two weeks remaining in the current show, In the Limelight, which ends April 26.  Today, this blog  showcases the work of  Aleta Wynn Yarrow, a multi-talented artist who has been with the West End Gallery since their days in their second floor gallery further down Market Street here in Corning.  I wanted to say a few words about Aleta before I let her words speak for her.

YarrowInAccordLI first saw Aleta’s work before I started showing at the West End and was instantly attracted to the world she presented.  Simple and beautiful, it was unique and individual, possessing a voice that was unlike anything around it.  Seeing it was an important step in my own growth, as an artist and as a person.  As an artist, there was much to admire and emulate in her work.  It has always been genuine and  brilliant through the years with an unusual consistency in its quality.  There are no thrown off pieces from Aleta.  Every piece is treated as the gem it is.  Every piece is all Aleta, part and parcel of her spirit and being.

As a result, Aleta is considered an artist’s artist, a label that most artists aspire to but seldom attain.  I am truly proud and honored to show my work alongside those of Aleta.  I have a large Aleta piece in my studio in a spot where I see it almost all day and am constantly inspired by it.  Thanks, Aleta.

Now, I’ll let Aleta’s own words describe her current work.  Stop in and take a long look at her work at the West End.  You’ll be better off for the experience.——-GC Myers

YarrowGaiaLMy paintings are landscapes as metaphors for the inner life. I have long been drawn to natural elements of transition: autumn, spring, and evening. In human emotional life, transitions are points of greatest vulnerability, but also bring a potential for transformation. 

Within the landscape, the sky is an element of swift transition, even within seconds. Clouds have an ephemeral quality, yet yield tremendous power. To meet the sky one is forced to look up. There is something deeply hopeful in that act. 

Night represents mystery, enchantment, intuition, and intimacy. Night gives us an alternative reality, one that relies on our own powers of memory, insight and imagination. 

My work exists in the shadowland between technique and vision; emotion and intellect; the physical realm and the spiritual one. My inspirations are as often auditory, tactile, or introspective as they are visual.


2 Responses to In the Limelight: Aleta Wynn Yarrow

  1. You are a wonderful inspiration, Aleta. Thank you for sharing your work/insights with the world.

  2. When you see Aleta’s work, you are reminded about the world around you which stirs the senses. Each piece makes you want to get outside yourself and dream. (c;

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