In the Limelight: Jennifer Green Fais

Jennifer Green Fais portraitJust a reminder that there is only one week left to see our latest exhibit, In the Limelight, here at the West End Gallery.  This wonderful show, a gathering of new work from ten of our talented artists, ends next Friday, April 26, so if you haven’t had a chance to take it in your time is running out.  Today, we’re highlighting the work of Jennifer Green Fais, who has graced us for many years now with her work, for which she is well known for her watercolor scenes of nature and the architecture of this area.  Stop in and see her beautiful work.  Below is her statement for the exhibit:

Jennifer Fais-DewdropsMaking art is an expression of love. I have loved nature since my parents chose “Green” as my middle name. Rivers, wetlands, meadows – they all stir my heart. Painting them is one way for me to connect to the natural world, so, it should be no surprise that I have painted many landscapes, waterscapes and bridge scenes. Paddling is also a passion and I am currently undertaking a project to paint a watercolor of each of the sixteen boat launch sites in Chemung and Steuben Counties. Several are included here. 

Jennifer Green Fais-Careful FootingI have a variety of subject matter for my watercolors, acrylics and drawings. Recent subjects include marsh birds – especially the Great Blue Heron. Using a loose wash-and-splatter approach, I paint watercolor and acrylics on a gessoed collage of papers which often results in exciting, unexpected edges and colors. 

Jennifer GreenFaisAsItWasLMy work tends to be representational and I also enjoy painting the constructed landscape – close-ups of churches, the Rockwell Museum, area schools, the “Little Joe” tower, Centerway Bridge, the clock tower, and other structures in and around Corning, where I have lived for thirty-plus years. I also paint house portraits delighting in the architectural detail that endears the home to its owner as well. 

My work has been shown in numerous juried shows, most recently the Schweinfurth Art Center’s “Made in NY 2013” which opens March 30. I show my work exclusively at West End Gallery.


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