GC Myers on WSKG’s Artist Cafe Today

GC Myers- ExplorerWe just wanted to let you know that GC Myers, one of our more popular artists  here at the West End Gallery, is the subject of  a segment on today’s edition of the television program Artist Cafe on WSKG-TV.   Gary’s  segment features  him painting in his studio along with a short interview that was conducted in March.  Other segments in this show feature the movie Life of Pi and Hamlet from PBS‘ Shakespeare Uncovered.  It airs today, Sunday, at 5:30 PM and will be re-broadcast on Thursday, June 16, at 10 PM.  It also will be available at some point in the future on the WSKG website and on YouTube.

Also, there is a preview of an upcoming exhibition of  Gary’s work at a DC area gallery in the June issue of American Art Collector. a national magazine that features some of the finest artists working today.  We’re excited to see this preview as it is in a way a preview for his upcoming  annual show here at the West End which opens on July 26th.  If the paintings in this article are any indication, July’s show should be a real eye-pleaser.



One Response to GC Myers on WSKG’s Artist Cafe Today

  1. Jesse Gardner says:

    Wonderful segment Gary! I really enjoyed it. The coverage was well-deserved.

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